Plan to attend our Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM on March 29.

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The gospel is to inform and affect every single aspect of our lives as individuals and as a church...about sanctification, about doctrine, about the Holy Spirit, about relationships, about how we serve, about how we steward that which God gives us, about evangelism, and about our mission. But how does the gospel inform and affect the way we think and act every day about the church? In this sermon we see that the church is the object of God's love and the setting for His care.

As we know God accurately we grow to trust him fully and fulfill our purpose for living. What King David knows about God practically helps him trust in God. In Psalm 25:1 it is God whom he says he trusts. He knows that there is only hope in Him. It is God that must be trusted, not men. It is God whom we must desire and not another. It is God that holds our yesterday, today, and tomorrow in the palm of his hands, not fate or anything else. And with his life at the forefront of his mind, both his victories and his defeats, his joyful moments along with his moments of despair he looks to God and prays. And it is in his prayer, particularly, where we see the God whom he has grown to trust. Let us consider how we too can grow to know him accurately, trust him fully, and find our reason for existence (to glorify God and enjoy him forever).

Think about these questions personally (and as a couple if you're married); and if you're a parent ask your kids these questions and help them apply the message from Sunday.