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A few weeks ago, at our Wednesday night ASK Prayer Gathering, I shared for a few minutes about "spinning plates" and the affect of doing so in our own strength (results mostly being anxiety). I mentioned that all of us are spinning multiple plates. Not just a few of us; all of us - it's just simply the way God has ordained our lives. We all feel that, right? Jobs, relationships, finances, church, neighbors, parents, kids, spouse, school, reading, etc....

Ungodliness...does that define how you live? None of us would readily say that would we? But we must ask ourselves this question. Do we live the moments of our days with little to no thought of God? In the moments and details of our lives are we any different than our unbelieving neighbors and co-workers? Are we mindful of living in a manner worthy of the Lord (Col. 1:9-10) throughout the nitty gritty and tedium of our days (Col. 3:22-24)? Do we make plans without a thought of what the Lord would want (James 4:13-15)? I could keep asking questions to help us all process but I imagine all of us can feel our tendency towards ungodliness in our lives. It's worth thinking about. And it's worth mortifying (Rom. 8:13)!

I've had the joy of being involved in leading student ministries for over two decades. Youth of all ages, of course, are very valuable and we as a church have the joy of telling them the "glorious deeds of the Lord..." (Psalm 78:4). This is why we have children's ministry at SGC. But this is also the main thrust behind our intention to have a student ministry (Jr. and Sr. High). Teenagers are in a very pivotal time of life and we must be diligent, as a church, to point them to Christ.

Joy and I are five weeks away from celebrating our 25th anniversary. As we look back through those years we quickly recognize the faithfulness and steadfastness of God. One of the means that God has used to remind us of his faithfulness in our lives has been through Joy's pen (or keyboard). Joy had a blog called "Cross Reflections" for a number of years and it is in those blogposts that we now look back on and are able to recount God's faithfulness to us in not only his provision for us materially but his revelation to us of his character seen so beautifully at the cross. Every once in a while I will be posting one of Joy's posts from years past. I do this with the hope that all who read these posts will identify in some way with our struggle to trust God in the midst of the details of our lives and be encouraged and strengthened by the truth that Joy writes about.

We are so often blind to the work of God in our lives and tend to see only the areas needing drastic improvement. In reality, God is at work in each of his children and we need to become more aware of it, don't we?! Yes, we need to know about and grow in those areas needing improvement but we need to be more aware than ever of God's hand of grace in our lives.

Most of us have heard the story of the Prodigal Son from the time we were young. In this story (Luke 15:11ff) we actually read of two sons. One son was a proud and arrogant rule-breaker. The other was a proud and arrogant rule-keeper. They were both in danger of judgment for their idolatrous self-reliance and in need of mercy.