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Growing up in a Christian home, the Bible has always been an important book in my life. I was in sixth grade when I first felt a conviction to read it on a daily basis. I was also in sixth grade when I first felt a struggle in my heart. The struggle to read my Bible became a legalistic issue almost when it became a conviction. Reading and studying God's word became something that I knew I should do, and when I didn't, I felt condemned. Yet, in the midst of what would be a 27-year struggle, God used his word in my life in powerful ways. God's word taught me and spoke to me through many times and seasons.

...Toward the end of the seminar, he made a very simple statement that had a huge impact on the way I read my Bible. He said, "When you read the Bible, always look for the gospel." That's it, no magic formula, just an admonition to look for the gospel. He had, of course, prior to that statement spent time teaching us how the Bible is God's story of redemption and that it all points to Christ....