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Revival. Certainty. Wisdom. Joy. Understanding. Purity. Truth. These are all things each of us would desire to experience as we head into a new year aren't they? We long for our souls to be revived, to live with certainty and wisdom and a glad heart in the midst of uncertain days. The Psalmist declares, without qualification, that all of that (and more) is to be found in the word of God, the Bible. As we "eat" it there is promise of great reward. God's word is greater than gold. God's word is sweeter than honey (IOW is more satisfying than that thing you so very much enjoy - for me...that first bite of a Godiva Chocolate cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory). God's word warns us, it protects us, it guides us, and in keeping the word of God we have been promised great reward. That reward is both a present reward and a future reward; a present joy and renewal that is a foreshadowing of that joy and renewal that is to come. God's word is, as Moses says, "...our very life."