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"Everyone worries; and while it may become a familiar companion in our lives, it never becomes a welcome one. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to worry less, or not to worry at all, in the midst of your struggles?" So writes Dr. Tim Lane in his book entitled, "Living Without Worry." If you find that you are one who worries...that would make all of us...there is a great book available for$5 on our bookshelf store at the church building. We encourage you to pick the book up on Sunday, read it, and learn real answers for addressing the issue and finding victory over it.

How to fight boredom with the Bible. A wonderfully helpful article by Jon Bloom of Desiring God Ministries.

Ultimately, we want to encourage you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. A critical part of that relationship is finding your place in His body, the church. Participation in a local church is never meant to be a mere obligation. It is a joyful privilege in which we glorify God through fruitful service in the context of meaningful relationships with other believers. Therefore, we want to give you all the information you need to help you determine if God is leading you to become a part of this church.