Bringing the Gospel to a New Generation

We delight in the opportunity to serve parents and their children at Sovereign Grace Church Dayton! SG Kids, our children’s ministry, provides contexts that supplement and support the parents’ biblical responsibility to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:1-4). In formal settings like SG Kids and in the regular life of the church, we want to tell the wondrous deeds and the glorious truths of Jesus Christ to the next generation (Ps. 78:4).  We believe Children are valuable and worthy of respect as we seek to represent and proclaim Christ to them.


We have a strong conviction that while nursery will be available (for any who desire to utilize it) for the Sunday morning Celebration Gathering, children ages 5+ will remain in the gathering. HERE is a document that helps explain why we have this conviction. We have a Care and Console room that is available for any families who are experiencing specific difficulties on a Sunday morning. In that room, the gathering will be livestreamed so that parents can utilize the comfort of that room to help their child transition into sitting and participating in the gathering of the church. 


Click HERE for more information on our Midweek Gatherings where people of all ages are taught in age-specific classes. The curriculum we utilize in the children's classrooms is The Biggest Story curriculum.



Though we are eager to serve parents and children, we take seriously the responsibility of properly and attentively protecting children while they are in our care. We are committed to preparing our volunteers to be watchful for those who may pose a physical or emotional threat to our children. Every SG Kids volunteer is trained by Ministry Safe to ensure that the whole team can remain vigilant against physical and sexual abuse.