The preaching event, being addressed by God through the reading and proclamation of His Word, is the most important event in the life of the church every week. - C.J. Mahaney


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Current Series

Philippians: Our Guide to Indestructible Joy

Paul’s Letter to the Philippians is exactly the dose of biblical truth we need to hear as we walk through the wearying and frustrating circumstances of this fallen world. Paul is writing this Letter to the Philippians from prison, under extremely dire circumstances likely facing a sentence of death. The church in Philippi, that Paul planted is also experiencing some struggles. There is Roman persecution the Christians are facing there. Christians are being tempted by Jewish tendencies to place their hope in the law. Gentile converts are being tempted by to go back to their licentious Gentile ways. There are divisions and disunity is developing in the church. Paul’s own circumstances in prison and the struggles of this church he planted just 10 years ago are the right recipe for him to be in despair and deep discouragement. Yet, in spite of Paul’s own circumstances and the circumstances plaguing the church in Philippi – Paul is experiencing something supernatural – he is experiencing indestructible joy. This sense of joy in the Lord comes through this letter more an any of Paul’s other letters. And through this letter, we will see how Paul guides the church in Philippi into the secret of experiencing indestructible joy no matter what life’s circumstances may bring. This is why we have titled this series Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – Our Guide to Indestructible Joy.

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Primary Speakers

Cale Benefield | Pastor

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Steve Bice | Pastor

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Dan Sundersingh | Pastor

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Guest Speakers

Mark Alderton | Lead Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Aurora CO

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Sam Allberry | Visiting Professor, Cedarville University, Cedarville OH

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Bill Berry | Lead Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of NW Arkansas

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Brian Chesemore | Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

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Kirt Conroy | Pastor, Latrobe CMA, Latrobe PA

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Philip Estrada | Pastor, Lifegate Church of Seguine, Seguine TX

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Jace Hudson | Lead Pastor, Covenant of Grace, Copley OH

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Darren Lander | Lead Pastor, Trinity Church, North Olmsted OH

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CJ Mahaney | Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

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Larry McCall | Pastor, Christ's Covenant Church, Winona Lake IN

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Ken Mellinger | Regional Leader, Lower Great Lakes Region of SGC

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Rob Plummer | Professor of New Testament Interpretation, SBTS Louisville, KY

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Mark Prater | Executive Director, Sovereign Grace Churches

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Tim Shorey | Lead Pastor, Risen Hope Church, Drexel Hill PA

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Jake Simmons | Pastor, Cornerstone Church of Knoxville, Knoxville TN

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Bert Turner | Pastor, Covenant of Grace, Copley OH

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Tyson Ziegler | Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, Louisville KY

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