Consider: The Church: God's Perspective


  • How would you describe the way you've felt about the church? 
  • How does God feel about the church?
  • How should the gospel inform how you think/feel about the church?
  • What do the four pictures/metaphors of the church (body, family, flock, temple)  reveal about the nature of the church?
  • How is it that the church feels God's care (what was mentioned in the sermon)?
  • How is a pastor an extension of God's care?
  • How is the church family an extension of God's care?
  • Why do we need one another?
  • Why is membership in a local church important, even vital?
  • How can you grow in your love for the church? Remember, think first about how the gospel informs that answer.


  • Pray for God to reveal Himself through His written word this week as you spend time with him.
  • Pray for humility in responding to God’s revelation.
  • Pray for an increased love for the church (one another).

Remember to take some time this week and look at our statement of faith on the website.

How to prepare for this coming Sunday? Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a