The Glory of Christ: Careful Praying, Prayerful Caring - Part 1

May 25, 2014 Speaker: Steve Bice Series: Colossians: The Glory of Christ

Topic: Colossians Scripture: Colossians 1:9–1:10

There is an undeniable call in God’s word for us to care for one another and love one another and we do that in all sorts of manners, coming alongside of one another and serving one another, taking meals to each other, encouraging each other, etc. and those are all great and right. But in our text this morning, what we witness is a masterful example of a prayerful kind of care for the saints that is seen through a careful prayer. And the play on the words is important here. Paul’s prayer for the Colossians was “careful” - “filled with care and thoughtfulness.” And it was a “care-filled” prayer because it was informed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. And our prayers for one another must be as well. Oh that we would be a church whose prayerful care for one another is marked by careful prayer, mindful prayer, theologically informed prayer for one another. Prayer for one another that erupts out of the realities of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not one of us need by frightened or set back by the term “theologically informed,” as if the only ones then that can pray affectively are those who have great theological minds. No. This text is absolutely LOADED with theological truth. And each one of us, as God’s people, are called to be theologians to some extent. No matter if you are a young or old, male or female, super smart or not so much. God has revealed himself in this book and each of us who have placed our trust in Christ Jesus, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit are studiers of God and his word, we’re theologians…and we’re exhorted, by way of example, to not only be a people who think accurately about God but be intercessors who pray careful, mindful prayers for one another for the glory of God and for our joy.