SGC Women - Post 1

Dear ladies of Sovereign Grace Church Dayton...

I wanted to take just a few moments to introduce you to a new blog for the women of SGC Dayton that is meant to simply be an encouragement. I know, we are inundated with information, aren't we? Perhaps you are saying, "ummm, why another blog that is going to just lay out more information?" Well, that's a good question. Here is my best shot at a few reasons...

  1. Peter, in his first letter, tells the under-shepherds (pastors) of the church to... "shepherd the flock of God among you" (1 Peter 5:1b). While there is so much good information and teaching "out there" we value the gifts that are in our local church and want to hear from one another, learn from one another, and grow together. There is something beautiful about the local body that stems from the reality of growing in knowing each other ever increasingly and being able to address, then, specific areas that we need help in at SGC Dayton.
  2. We'd like to have a venue for some among us who are uniquely gifted in writing/teaching to be able to utilize those gifts for the common good of the church. 
  3. It would be wonderful to have a growing "file cabinet" on this blog of resources that could be easily retrieved in order that the ladies of the church might be personally encouraged, strengthened, and equipped for every good work.

These posts will be relatively brief, 1-2 times per week, and are meant to not add busyness to your lives, but encouragement amid the busyness. I know that with all the information that many are already ingesting that this blog might get lost and forgotten. But I would like to exhort you to make it a priority in your "blog/podcast/social media" ingestion to consider what those from among us who are writing have been given to write to you - with YOU in their mind's eye (and their heart for that matter).

Initially, you will be hearing from Joy - mostly from the book she "published" a number of years ago for the women of this church family (8 years ago). That little book was filled with brief blog posts she wrote during a period of time in our lives when kids were home, many things felt uncertain, faith was questioned and faith grew through joy, difficulty, pain, and wonder. From time to time, Joy may also write something that the Spirit lays on her heart.

You'll also be hearing from Jana Croyts each week (each Wednesday, in fact). Jana is in her final year at Cedarville University as a Biblical Studies student. She is involved in an internship with us here at SGC Dayton this semester. Part of this internship includes serving opportunities, discipleship opportunities (both in meeting weekly with a mentor and her meeting as a mentor with a younger gal), and teaching opportunities. She will be sharing from the word of God at the Women's Gathering in March, but she will also be writing these weekly blogs for your encouragement. Please welcome Jana to this internship among us and please be in prayer for her.

If you would like to possibly be a contributor to this blog or if there are specific topics you'd like to hear about, please send an email to and share the what and why of that topic and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you for prioritizing the church, ladies. We have so much (SO MUCH) respect for you and we give thanks to God for you. May this blog truly serve to be an encouragement to you.

With Grateful Affection,

Pastor Steve