Rachael Frye is putting together a night for all women of SGC (and friends!) to get out for a night of fellowship and fun! Here's Rachael's plan:

Dinner at 5:00pm - Meet up at City BBQ in Beavercreek at 5PM (Address: 2330 N. Fairfield Road, Beavercreek, OH). They have tables inside, but also a patio to enjoy this great weather as well. If we feel really adventurous, there's also a Graeter's Ice Cream right next door!

Movie at 7:15pm - From dinner you'll head over to Regal Hollywood 20 Cinema (Address: 2651 Fairfield Commons Blvd, Beavercreek, OH - close to the Fairfield Mall) to enjoy the opening night of "Mom's Night Out" - click on the link to watch the trailer. This looks like a family friendly feature and has some recognizable faces but is only being released in a few theaters. Click HERE for a helpful review. 

Note from Rachael: I plan to go online and pre-order the tickets. I'm concerned that if we wait to buy them at the theater, they will be sold out. So I would like to order them by the end of this week on Friday. If you would like to order a ticket yourself, simply type in Mom's Night out and follow the link to the website. At the top you'll find theater listings, you can click on Ohio, and when you find Regal 20 Cinemas in Beavercreek, there's an option to buy tickets. Click on the 7:15pm show and it will walk you through purchasing. Tickets cost 12.00 per person, with a fee of 1.25 each ticket for ordering online.

Or you may simply email me and tell me to get you a ticket. I will order them in mass on Friday, and you may pay me Sunday at church. You may also choose to just meet up with us at City BBQ or just attend the movie, totally up to you;) Just email me and let me know your preference. If for any reason the tickets would be sold out by Friday (it's been known to happen) I will email to let you know and we'll either choose an earlier time or just meet up for some food and fellowship:0

I hope to see everyone there. Feel free to contact me with any questions.