Plan to attend our Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM on March 29.

Communication. Oh how it is necessary. Clearly communicated information regarding anything is so vital for individuals, marriages, families, workplaces, and of course...churches.

There are many ways we do try to communicate: Sunday mornings, emails, texting, phone calls, letters (what?!!), face to face visits, meeting up at the grocery, meetings. Yet, even with the amount of announcements, emails, and blogposts there is a communication hole that occurs - most likely because of information overload. I'm uncertain how to keep that from happening. However, one way that we have been slowly trying to implement is the use of an online and mobile application called "The Table."


The Table is a way that we can communicate, fairly effectively, with the whole church, community groups, and ministry teams - all within the confines of our own online "community." It's a direction that we will continue to slowly and gradually implement over the next number of months. But, I want to encourage you to jump in right now, get your feet wet by watching the videos below, sign up (you can do so by clicking the round "table" logo at the bottom right of our website), and join the Sovereign Grace Church Table. Take the time to fill out your profile information, add a picture, and join the online community (where communication of all sorts is organized and kept handy - not to get lost in your email folders).

Here is an intro to The Table. Take the time to watch it and then sign up. Feel free to ask me questions that come up.

One of the advantages to this app is that you can utilize your iPhone or Android phone (using the respective "Table" Apps) to keep up with communication on the go.


ALSO - one of the ways we can communicate on the Table is by letting one another know of things needed and ways to serve. I just added an opportunity to serve on The Table but because we are in the midst of learning how to use it I thought I would also put the opportunity on here:

Note from Shane and Holly Sands:

Holly and I are moving on Saturday the 16th of August into a 1 bedroom apt, in the same a complex. I would like to ask if you would please help with the move. It should only take 1 to 2 hours tops. Holly and I will do the vast majority...we would just like assistance getting everything from one unit to the other. Please let me know if you can.

Please contact Shane or Holly preferably by responding to the request on The Table, or via email with any questions you may have and if you'll be able to help them.

If you are on The Table currently, please take time to watch this helpful video which will help us in understanding how best to utilize this good resource: