Sovereign Grace Church will finally have the joy of holding a baptism service on Sunday, June 1, 2014. We'll plan on enjoying our "First Sunday" church family meal (bring food for your family - drinks will be provided) after our Sunday morning meeting. We'll then head over to Mike and Linore Burkard's house for the baptism service at 2:00pm where we'll sing, hear testimonies of those being baptized, and the baptisms themselves! This promises to be a FANTASTIC day (though perhaps tiring for young families)!

IMPORTANT: If you would like to participate in the baptism on June 1 you will need to set up a time to meet with Pastor Steve. If you have a child/teenage who desires to be baptized Pastor Steve will need to meet with the one interested in baptism along with at least one parent. 

Once a meeting has been scheduled Pastor Steve will email a few resources to you to read and study in preparation for the meeting and the potential baptism (along with preparing parents and children as they seek to discern if it is time for a child’s public declaration of their profession of faith).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Steve.

It is our joy to gather as the church and celebrate publicly what has happened in the hearts of other believers in Christ. For those of you who have already been baptized, please plan to come, witness, and celebrate together as a family.