Plan to attend our Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM on March 29.

Beginning THIS Sunday (May 4) we will begin what we are calling "First Sunday."

These "First Sundays" are meant to simply be longer than usual times of fellowship together as a church family. We'll meet as usual (10:00am) for worship in song and the preached word, along with participating in communion as a church family. After the service is over everyone is welcome to join in on a "family" meal together. The one catch is that each family (or individual) should plan on bringing food for themselves (along with plates/cutlery). We also encourage everyone to bring a little extra so that guests can be included in this family meal. Drinks will be provided.

As long as the weather is fine we will plan on having these meals outside by the play equipment - if the weather is inclement we have secured the cafeteria as an alternative.

One highlight on the horizon will be our first baptism service being held on the "First Sunday" in June. Look to the blog/website for more information about that.