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Respect the Image | Conclusion: Grace to Do What We Are Told

7 RTI Conclusion

"Be diligent, apply it all. But brace yourself, for you will fall. You'll stumble when both pushed and tried. But Jesus for your sins has died. So mourn your sins, and cling to grace. And get right up- rejoin the race. Raise up your head forlornly hung, For will heal both ear and tongue."...

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Respect the Image | Think the Best & Examine Your Heart


How do our negative assumptions about other people's motives create havoc in our relationships? What is root cause of all our frustrated desires? This week we continue with the final two principles in the book Respect the Image – Think the Best, and Examine Your Heart....

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Respect the Image | Initiate Peace, Celebrate Others & Assume You Are Wrong


Would we be at peace with others if we truly sought after it? Would our relationships be sweeter if we saw the good in others rather than picking them apart? Would we listen more if we assumed we weren't right at every point? ...

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