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Bloodlines - John Piper | Ethnic Diversity: Magnifying God’s Grace in the Gospel


Why is ethnic diversity something that we should aim to pursue in our church? Is this simply diversity for diversity’s sake or maybe something that our culture tells us we ought to do? We ought to be able to see the beauty of ethnic diversity through the lens of the gospel instead of something that the church is trying to do to keep in step with the culture....

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Bloodlines - John Piper | Gospel Connections: The Roots of Racism and the Power of the Gospel


We need to be able to think though issues of racism primarily from a gospel lens before we can see it from an economic and political lens. Let's consider how the gospel exposes the roots of racism and replaces it with abounding hope....

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Bloodlines - John Piper | Where is the Hope? - Personal Responsibility vs. Systemic Intervention


The solutions proposed by advocates of personal responsibility vs. systemic intervention has been the source of an explosive debate on race. What is this debate about? Is any ultimate hope in these solutions?⁠...

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Bloodlines - John Piper | 3 Reasons to Learn About the Gospel and Race


A few reasons that ought to motivate us to learn about the implications of the gospel on race and ethnic issues....

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