Christology Seminar

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April 27, 2019

9:00am – 1:00pm

Location: 51 S. East St., Bellbrook, OH 45305

Category: Discipleship Guest Speaker | Coordinator: Steve Bice

Who is Jesus?

The answer to this question determines whether one is worshipping the triune God revealed in Scripture or an idol of one’s own imagination. One’s answers determine whether one is a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God or a follower of one of the multitude of false christs. In this Saturday morning seminar (3 sessions) we will hear from, and interact with, Dr. Steve Wellum of Southern Seminary, a pastorally-minded scholar who specializes in the study of Christ (Christology).
Session 1: "Knowing Who Jesus is as God the Son Incarnate from the Bible's Storyline."
To know the Jesus of the Bible correctly and to rightly proclaim who he is to the world, we must know him from the entirety of Scripture. This session will think through the Bible's storyline from creation to new creation and establish the foundational building blocks to understood who Jesus is and what he has come to do as our only Lord and Savior.
Session 2: "The New Testament Witness to Jesus as God the Son Incarnate."
The New Testament's description of Jesus is rich and beautiful. This session will discuss the depth and breadth of data from the New Testament that explains clearly that our Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son incarnate and why it is absolutely crucial to affirm both the deity and humanity of Christ to understand Jesus correctly and to appreciate him as our Lord and Savior.
Session 3: "Thinking with the Church about God the Son Incarnate."
On the basis of the Bible's teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church has carefully thought through the biblical material and confessed Jesus as God the Son incarnate. In this session, we will go back to the Church's confession of Christ at the Council of Chalcedon, 451 AD, and think through how the Church has consistently confessed and explained the nature of the incarnation. We will learn the basic theology the Church has taught to carefully explain who Jesus is and why he alone is Lord and Savior.



Wellum came to Southern Seminary from Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary where he had taught theology since 1996. He has also served as a senior pastor and interim pastor in South Dakota and Kentucky as well as a conference speaker at various engagements in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Wellum has written numerous journal articles and book reviews for various publications including the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, and the Reformation and Revival Journal. In addition, he has written articles and book chapters in Believer’s Baptism, Reclaiming the Center, Beyond the Bounds, The Compromised Church, and the Holman Bible Dictionary. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.