Resources For Moms

Mothering is a big responsibility. Along the way there are many joys, fears, doubts, tears, prayers, blessings, and opportunities to trust that God sovereignly made you the mother of these little (or big) ones. We can always use  encouragement  to help us fix our eyes on our faithful God and his divine help in raising our children. I'd like to recommend a couple of resources to that end. 

First, our friends at Desiring God have published a book called Mom Enough. “A soul-fueling read for every mother down in the trenches who needs to hear it again: Mom (never enough) + God (infinitely enough) = Mom Enough.” –Ann Voskamp

We all need to hear that message! Digital downloads of this book are free. I encourage you to get it. The editors had busy mothers in mind and intentionally kept it short. 

Second, the girltalk blog is an excellent resource for all things pertaining to biblical womanhood. This blog is written by Carolyn Mahaney and her three grown daughters who have families of their own. Today they posted a Q&A about whether or not you should make your daughter have a quiet time. This is a dillemma I have faced as a mom and I appreciated Carolyn's encouragement in this area.  I'd encourage you to check it out.

Though the task of parenting can be difficult, the joy it produces as we grow through the process is inestimable. May you feel God's grace for the task today.